CMU IT Account

To apply for an IT account at Chiang Mai University

     New students and staff will receive an IT Account registration card on orientation day or they can obtain one from ITSC One Stop Service on the first floor of the ITSC Building. Once they have their IT account, they can access e-Mail, Wi-Fi, CMU MIS, CMU SIS, and CMU Online.

Steps to register for an IT Account

1.       Students/staff will need to have a token which is provided at One Stop Service Office at the Information Technology Service Center (ITSC).

2.       Go to Chiang Mai University’s IT Account at and select CMU IT Account.

3.       Press IT Activate Account to register for an e-Mail Account.

4.       Fill out the information on the registration form received from the ITSC and press SUBMIT.

5.       Make sure all the information is correct. Then press Create It Account.


1.       If you do not have a telephone number, fill in 00000000.

2.       If you set up too easy a password, the system will warn you of the risk of using such a password.

3.       Once you have completed registration the system will show the “Activation Success” and your account name.