An important handbook for IT Life for CMU staff and students.

     This “CMU IT life” handbook for CMU staff and students aims to provide information for staff and students who wish to use IT within the CMU campus. This service is operated by the Information Technology Service Center (ITSC) in order to help staff and students realize the importance of having a CMU IT Account. By doing setting up an account they will be able to access a lot of key information, including CMU Mail, the Information Technology for management and administration of the university, online e-learning, search engines for information technology/online research, the use of services provided by the ITSC, and the learning center for students at ITSC Corner. Staff and students will also benefit from using the Data Center from @Jumbo Plus and the internal Internet on campus as well as other related IT services. In addition, the ITSC provides orientation on how to start the CMU IT and its services which will bring utmost benefits to all CMU staff and students.

     As the main provider of Information Technology on campus, the ITSC sincerely hopes that this “CMU IT Life” handbook for CMU staff and students will be beneficial for the efficient use of IT on campus. Should any staff or students have more information or require assistance in using Information Technology, please contact us at One Stop Service on the first floor or call 053-943827 or 053-943857 during the official office hours.

                                                                                                The Office of Information Technology Service Center

                                                                                                                                Chiang Mai University

November  2014

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