Learning Innovation Center (LIC)


Learning Innovation Center (LIC)

     The center is part of Faculty development and provides professional consultation on teaching and effective learning. The center also helps develop integrated learning and innovation through creating educational media.  The center provides the following services:

1.       Creating Streaming Video

This service provides the faculties to those who would like to create teaching media in streaming video. This is considered to be a popular and advanced educational media as well as enhancing teaching and learning efficiency.  E-learning can be viewed by students at all time and in all places. ITSC staff can give consultation and help create videos in a well-equipped space.

2.        Educational Electronics Voting Tools

This service provides educational electronics voting tools, also called Clicker, both on and off-campus. Instructors can ask questions to learners who can participate in classroom learning through voting.

3.       Consultation on Teaching and Learning Services

 Provides state-of-the-art media on ICT by professionals in the field.

 Contact tel. 053-943868.