ITSC Memo Box

ITSC Memo Box

     ITSC Memo Box was created for information technology learning and the center of learning for Information Technology and communication or ITSC of CMU. The goals of the ITSC Memo Box are to collect and present hardware and tools which have played an important role in the past and to document progress in developing information technology at CMU, as well as innovative ideas for future IT use. The ITSC Memo Box is considered to be the most advanced IT among tertiary institutes in the country. The Memo Box is designed with various patterns according to the themes of each exhibition and is divided into four zones as follows:

Zone 1, History of ICT in CMU, displays evolution of ICT of CMU from the past to the present.

Zone 2, CMU IT Life, presents the IT Life on CMU campus providing IT services for students and staff.

Zone 3, Innovation in ICT, presents a look to the future of ICT at CMU, which will move forward to meet international standards and adapt to the fast changing world of IT technology.

Zone 4, Reflection on ICT Use, illustrates those aspects of cyberspace which reflect the dynamics of technology. Moreover, the center of the zone presents a mobile exhibition on the evolution of technology with up-to-date knowledge.