Web Hosting

Web Hosting CMU Personal Web Hosting URL: http://myweb.cmu.ac.th

Provides 500 MB storage for students and university staff. The web page is HTML.

Uploading websites with Windows Explorer

1.       Open Windows Explorer and on the Address Bar, type  ftp://myweb.cmu.ac.th

2.       Type CMU IT Account and the correct password.

3.       Go to: public_html and save the webpage. The first page must be named index.html.

4.       Once the webpage is uploaded successfully, this personal website can be accessed at http://myweb.cmu.ac.th/ (Email user name without the domain.)

5.       Can access other programs of ftp client to upload file by following this:

                   Host: myweb.cmu.ac.th

                   User: university email

                   Password: university password