Data Center

Data Center Service

     The Data Center provides services to all faculties of the university. These services are stable, reliable and maintain great safety as they are equipped with an uninterrupted backup electrical system. The center has a system to check air quality or smog level in various places as well as a close circuit television, network system, backup data network system and tools to store data. The ITSC provides rental storage for storing data which will help offices reduce costs on purchasing hardware and computer networks, and increase efficiency in administering resources and maintaining the system. Details of services are as follows:

     Co-location provides rental spaces for setting up a university intranet computer network which will link with the main computer system.

     Virtual Private Server provides rental virtual computers to on-campus offices. This will allow those offices to manage and administer their network independently including as remote administrators.

     Web hosting provides rental storage on the computer network for on-campus offices to upload data and documents on their homepage. This will allow all users to have access to all offices.

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