CMU Online

CMU Online

     The ITSC provides services to the administration of knowledge management via an online system called CMU Online KC-Moodle. At present the center has developed the version 2.5 system to serve the users’ needs. There are over 1,500 courses and 80 free lessons at primary, secondary and tertiary levels. There are over 1,500 instructors and 70,000 students currently using this system. Services are as follows:

1.       CMU Online KC-Moodle

    Provides consultation and services for e-learning courses for CMU instructors. There is a system to place students’ names onto the courses they register for, as well as advice and consultation resources to help solve any problems students using the system may have. Additionally, there are two training sessions offered to instructors at the Office of ITSC. Outside training is provided according to the needs of each faculty. Officers can solve problems online at or can be reached at 053-943868.

2. Game-Based Learning: Eternal Story

    Provides services to students wanting to review their English skills by using Game-based Learning: Eternal Story, a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG). This is an educational three-dimensional program and its contents are a mixture of fantasy and English knowledge for those at tertiary level. The program provides is a perfect combination for students who desire to improve their reading and writing skills. Students can download and register at