e-Document URL: http://mis.cmu.ac.th

     e-Document system is a system used for corresponding among faculties. Official documents can be sent and received. The system can be used to send off-campus mail, on-campus mail, embossed mail, announcements, public relations news, and official documents for proof of government records.

For Corresponding Officers

-          Send all documents to internal and external offices

-          Receive all documents from internal and external offices

-          Return documents and remove documents

-          Circulate documents internally

-          File documents

-          Search for documents from both receivers and senders

-          Record numbers of documents received and sent

-          Notify incoming documents to all offices via email @cmu.ac.th

Special characteristics of e-Document system are as follows:

-          Link with human resource data of the university

-          Link with CMU IT Account

-          Reply to mail which can be sent to a third party

-          Attach files (up to 10) files with a maximum individual file size of 4MB and an overall size of 40 MB

-          Various files can be attached, including PDF, MS Word, MS Excel, JPEG

-          Be notified of mail received. Replies can be sent using the university mail @cmu.ac.th