CMU Mail

CMU Mail:

Office 365 On Cloud Technology

E-mail system for CMU students

     The Information Technology Service Center provides an e-mail system for CMU students using Microsoft Office 365 on Cloud. The system provides an effective service to meet all students’ Information Technology needs.

Advantages of Office 365 System for CMU Students

1.       They will receive a Username with their first full name and the first initial of their last name, e.g.

2.       They will access via Web Interface – the new system of Outlook Web application –which is both user-friendly and up-to-date.

3.       Their mail system will provide 50GB for sending and receiving mail provided each attached file does not exceed 25 MB in size.

4.       Their mail is compatible with other Mobile Devices such as Smart Phone and Tablet.

5.       Their mail is compatible with Office 365 Web applications including Word, Excel and PowerPoint via their web browser.

6.       The safety system is standardized meaning users can use the same Username and Password for the IT Account.

   ***Students who created an account prior to 2013 can transfer their IT Account to the new system at on IT Account Migration.